Pakistanese Animation Studios
Quality Animation Outsourcing, Pakistan and USA. Computer-aided solutions for 3D modeling, architectural rendering, CAD conversion, Photo Real 3D rendering, product design, 3D graphics, 3D design, architecural and interior design, and walkthrough animation at very competitive prices. Their headquarters are in Cranbury, NJ (USA), and our production house in Lahore, Pakistan []
Post Amazers
Founded in 2002. A well known 3D animation studio in Pakistan. They have some big projects to there credit like Son of the Mask and Exorcist - The begining. Nice demo reel and scenes from the movies. They also produce visual effects and animations for TV and commercials like The Commander Safeguard. []
Web Dynamics
A group of talented artists and animators took the initiative to explore the charismatic world of 2D cartoon. Over 5000 flash based cartoon animations have been developed by Web Dynamics. [] /sitemap/ email: info(at)2D3Dasia(dot)org